TRANSITS Workshop NCA, Japan Overview

TRANSITS Workshop NCA, Japan was held under the auspices of the Nippon CSIRT Association with the goal of improving the security of Japan's domestic organizations. Workshop participants were recruited from among the public in Japan.

1.1. Date and Time

February 18-20, 2015
February 18 : 7:00PM ・Pre-meeting party
February 19 : 9:30AM - 10:00PM
February 20 : 9:00AM - 4:00PM

1.2. Place

Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. Knowledge Space Gotenba

1.3. Conference Room Layout

Building facade Lobby
Conference room Lounge

TRANSITS Workshop Schedule and Courses

This time, it has been held including two overnights. It was almost like the format from original TRANSITS Workshop in Europe.

Februay 18, Wednesday  
  17:00 \19:00 Delegates check in
  19:00 \21:00 Pre-meeting party
Februay 19, Thursday  
  07:30 \08:30  Breakfast
  09:30 \10:00 Introduction
  10:00 \12:00 Organisational Issues
  12:00 \13:00  Lunch
  13:00 \14:00 Organisational Issues
  14:00 \14:30  Break
  14:30 \17:30 Operational Issues
  18:30 \19:30  Dinner
  20:00 \22:00 Informal Group Exercise
Februay 20,  Friday  
  07:30 \08:45  Breakfast
  09:00 \12:00 Technical Issues
  12:00 \13:00  Lunch
  13:00 \15:00 Legal Issues
  15:00 \15:30  Break
  15:30 \16:00 Wrap-up


The following members served as instructors.

Natsuko Inui (CDI-CIRT)
Ms.Inui took charge of “Introduction“ part.
Yoshiki Sugiura (NTT-CERT)
Mr.Sugiura took charge of “Organisational Issues“ part.
Takuho Mitsunaga (JPCERT/CC)
Mr.Mitsunaga took charge of “Operational Issues“ part.
Ikuya Hayashi (NTT Communications)
Mr.Hayashi took charge of “Informal Group Exercise part.
Hajime Ishizuka (NTT Communications)
Mr.Ishizuka took charge of “Technical Issues“ part.
Yusuke Kon (TM-SIRT)
Mr.Kon took charge of “Technical Issues“ part.
Tomohiko Yamakawa (NTT-CERT)
Mr.Yamakawa took charge of “Legal Issues“ part.


Number of participants: 20

Scenes of the TRANSITS Workshop NCA, Japan

These photos show the session in the TRANSITS Workshop NCA Japan.

TRANSITS Workshop NCA, Japan Content of implementation

We have good comments from participants.

TRANSITS Workshop NCA, Japan Survey Results

(1) Was the TRANSITS Workshop useful?

(2) How was the TRANSITS Workshop ?
  "I think that the hands-on experience using PC could bring us more satisfaction. I am grateful that I had great time to share a common problem and discuss issues with CSIRT members from many other industries."
  "Because I haven’t had the opportunity to study in structured way, this workshop compensated for my lack of knowledge and point of view. It is rewarding. "
  "I had fruitful time and I can build my network of contacts. Thank you so much."
  "I feel relieved after sharing problems which actually don’t have right answers. I would like to set up CSIRT with enjoyment. "
  "I made a new discovery about other company’s situation and point of view from a lot of group works. So far I have left the legal matter to the legal department, but I recognize that CSIRT needs to have a certain level of knowledge."
  "I take a role in handling incidents everyday as a member of CSIRT, but recently I have had no strong sense for the whole organization. Through this workshop, I can see my company’s framework objectively. "
  "I recognized that every organization has similar problems and each one of them has its own way, such as ‘a condition for starting task force’ and a set of measures. I can hear the best practices from other organizations."
  "I want to know about the cost under the form of an example."
  "It was very useful that members actively joined in the discussion and shared information and experience. I want to use CSIRT action guideline in my organization. "
  "I realize that listening to each other with respect encourages the team members to speak up and quickly respond to the issues to get results."
  "I have met great workfellows who give me emotional support. ・I have poor experience in this business, so all of the things in this workshop, such as content of lectures, group discussions and communication with other members, are really beneficial."
  "It was useful for members to discuss their problems and tasks. I was so surprised their excellent communication skills."
  "I realized that my company’s common sense is not the common sense of others, through interaction with other organizations. It was good opportunity to hear other’s experience. I hope the first day starts a little earlier, if possible."

更新 : 2015 / 6 / 15